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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About GoWhereDoWhat & NTUC membership

1. Why should I book with GoWhereDoWhat?

GoWhereDoWhat is an initiative by NTUC Club. As the leisure and entertainment arm of National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), NTUC Club is committed to the social mission of providing affordable recreational experiences of choice for our members.

Communities are at the heart of what we do at GoWhereDoWhat as we seek to promote inclusiveness of all and to improve everyone’s wellbeing (good) through travel. By offering customised, value-add tours and itineraries and different activity-based holiday experiences, we hope to reach out to diverse communities of travellers,

We aim to offer a huge selection of travel itineraries, and we prioritise value and memorable experiences. We have worked with our travel agent partners to offer extra discounts for NTUC Union Members.


2. What Can NTUC Union Membership do for you?

With GoWhereDoWhat, we have exclusive travel deals for NTUC Union Members so you can enjoy additional savings from our travel agent partners and book customised small-group holidays with them.

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3. What is my membership status?

You can check your NTUC Union Membership status by chatting with Nicole, our Virtual Assistant here.


4. How do I sign up as an NTUC Union Member

Annual NTUC Union membership fee is $117. Our membership is open to anyone above 16 years of age, except personnel from Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prisons, Auxiliary Police bodies, foreign domestic workers and full-time students. The application process will take 3 to 4 weeks. Upon approval, your membership will start on the following month. You can sign up here.


5. Am I eligible for Linkpoints?

Currently, we are not offering Linkpoints for bookings made with GoWhereDoWhat.


6. I hold the black Link card. Does it mean I'll automatically be a member?

Yes, you are eligible to enjoy discounts for travel bookings made via GoWhereDoWhat.


7. I have signed up as a member with Google, Apple or Singpass accounts under Linkpass. Am I eligible for extra discounts?

If you are not an NTUC member, you can create an account with NTUC Linkpass found at the top right-hand corner of the site. You will still be eligible to our member discounts. You can join as a free NTUC member seamlessly on GoWhereDoWhat via Google, Apple or Singpass to enjoy extra discounts for travel bookings.


Pricing & Discounts

8. Why are there two different prices and are they GST inclusive?

We have prices for members and non-members. Sales prices are usually based on twin share, exclusive of airfare unless otherwise stated and are inclusive of GST.


9. Do I need to budget for tipping?

For most trips, tipping your local guide is expected. For hotel stays, this will vary on a case-by-case basis and your travel agent can advise on how much is recommended. Some of our travel agent partners state the suggested tipping amount in the online itinerary.


Bookings, Reservations and Payments

10. How do I book?

To make your online booking for a trip, please selected your preferred date of travel and click on the green "BOOK NOW” button. The travel agent will receive this booking via our travel portal and will contact you directly to follow up on confirmation of the trip.


11. Is it available?

Your booking requests are automatically sent to our travel agent partner for confirmation. Final Confirmations on booking requests will be directly from the travel agent.


12. Will I receive an invoice when I book online?

Your travel agent will send you an invoice from the travel agent partner once the payment is received.


13. How can I enquire on the itinerary I am interested in?

If you need assistance on the travel itineraries, you can email the Travel Consultant or message them directly from our website.


14. Why are the airfare prices increasing?

Fares increase due to limited availability of seats and rising fuel prices. This means anyone planning to book an overseas trip abroad will most likely have to expect higher prices compared to pre-pandemic times. The global economic impact has deeply impacted the airline industry which is now facing labour shortage, rise in wages and overall inflation challenges. Alongside a surge in travel demand, it is inevitable that travel prices


15. If the Travel Consultant does not respond on my booking, what do I do?

Write to hello@gowheredowhat.sg and we will assist in following up with the travel agency on your behalf. However, please note that many travel agencies are currently overwhelmed with queriea and likely understaffed. Hence, they may take longer than normal to respond.


COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

16. I am planning my holidays, where can I find the travel restrictions that apply for various countries?

Please refer to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Centre website when planning your travel routes. As the measures imposed could result in flight cancellations and reduction in flight frequency, you are advised to check with your airline or travel agency to ensure that your flight routes are still operating prior to departing for the airport. You may also refer to the MFA Travel Information pages for more travel information related to the destinations.

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Communities at the Heart of Travel

Be it sharing your experiences, meeting new travel buddies, connecting with like-minded adventurers or simply searching for travel inspiration, we target the heart of the travel community, organising varied interest-based travels and tours to ignite the joy and beauty of travel!